About the Author

Zakieh A. Mohammed has always felt fortunate to be surrounded by inspirational connections and stories from the boulevards of Chicago, to the hills of Pennsylvania, and through the countryside of the Middle East.  Born and raised in Chicago by her beloved parents, Zakieh is one of five close-knit sisters who still get together every week, allowing her to enjoy her nephews and nieces who keep her smiling with their enthusiasm and observations in a world that could easily lose its shine. 

October was inspired by her youngest sister, who spoke the central line, “I’m touching the world.” The depth of thought and unifying spirit of the words stayed with Zakieh, even after her sister lost her battle with leukemia at 9 years old. 
 An educator for over 20 years, she is an award-winning teacher, and Chicago Public School administrator. Currently, Zakieh resides with her family in Chicago.